How do you edit your images and what do you use to take your images?

I shoot all my images on my iPhone6s Plus. I studied architecture for five years so I developed an eye for photography and design over the last few years. I edit most of my images using Lightroom and photoshop. I always try to shoot in natural lighting to keep my images bright and white! 

How high did you have to climb to get that shot? 

I may or may not involve standing on a chair ;) haha!

Where do you buy your doughnuts? 

Nelly (@woahnellybakes) & Doughnut Time! 

How do you make the perfect white border around your images? 

I use Square Ready.

What languages do you speak? 

English, Chinese, Afrikaans and German

Where is your laptop cover from? 

Uniq Find


Where is your bedding from? 

Country Road

Is Instagram your full time career? 

No, not many people know but I actually  work at MAXMEDIALAB - Australia's leading luxury media agency. I  direct, style and photograph content for digital and print collateral for various clients. I love having a normal day to day job working nine to five as I get to challenge myself in a completely new realm. I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring women at my work where we all push one another to excel in whatever we do. As much as I would love to go full-time in Instagram my personal growth as a photographer and stylist is what i'm truly passionate about. 


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